This is a special-purpose web server running Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS). If you are looking for the Camden Computing Services home page, you should visit http://computing.camden.rutgers.edu.

Accounts are available to faculty & Staff - contact HELP@Camden.Rutgers.edu (x6274) for more information.
If you have a need to "stream" audio or video content, please also contact HELP@Camden.Rutgers.edu (x6274).

Below are some pages that utilize and test the capabilities and features of this server and its technologies:

Ed McHugh (OIT)                 Ron Thornton (OIT)  




Streaming Video Samples

Continuous Loop (Broadcast)


Single Cycle (on-demand)


Non-Streaming (just download and play) Video Samples



Link to test server.
Link to test page.
Link to test server C.

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